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Farm Workers at Risk – COVID-19 has killed more workers than anything else; OSHA has issued Zero Citations

Question I received yesterday: Do you know anything about the Inslee administration giving the okay to dormitory housing for all the Yakima farmworkers who are dying of the virus? My reply:  Yes.  Sadly I learned that Washington’s agribusiness does not want to protect its migrant workforce. The unions do not want to protect the migrant … More

May 7th – Melinda Gates; 6 weeks earlier on March 29th – Let’s Have a Plan analyzed the federal government performance and also ranked it a D-

On May 7th just over a week ago, Melinda Gates gave the Trump administration a D- for how they have handled the outbreak. She cited the lack of a coordinated, national response. Saying the governors were stepping up with “50 different homegrown state solutions,” instead of a national response. On March 29th, Karen and Kaliya … More

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